Relay race for good deeds

Today, children from large families of Turksib district of Almaty visited The Kazakh State Circus.
The public movement “I am an Almaty citizen” in colloboration with the akimat of Turksib district of Almaty with the support of the Department of Culture and Archives of Almaty organized the action “The policy of good deeds”  .
The essence of the action is that every day, during the month, participants in the action organize various interesting events for children from large families and low-income families. For example, the children visited Family Park, Kok Tobe, Shymbulak and Medeo, entertainment centers and recreation areas of our city and region, today the Almaty Circus takes over the torch.
Especially for children, the management of The Kazakh State Circus organized an excursion in the circus exhibition hall, showed a circus behind-the-scenes, the boys saw rehearsals of trained bears and dogs, rode horses, got acquainted with famous circus performers. Also the children received gifts from the Almaty Circus. Relay race of good deeds continues!