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The Kazakh State Circus

The premiere of the Kazakh circus was held July 24, 1970 on the arena of the Saratov Circus. For the official reception of the program came the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Kazakh SSR Zh. Erkimbekov and the director, art director of the republican studio of variety and circus art, the consultant of the first program of the Kazakh circus G. Galiev. Undoubtedly, the premiere of the first performance of the Kazakh circus collective was one of the most significant gifts for the half-century anniversary of the Kazakh SSR and the Communist Party of Kazakhstan.

July 24, 1970 the Kazakh circus was born.

It was on this day that the first Kazakh national program “Medeo” was shown, which was directed by Honored Artist of the RSFSR G. Perkun, in the arena of the Saratov Circus. The authors of the script were G. Perkun and Yu. Blagov. The well-deserved artist of the RSFSR A. Fal’kovski and the artist from Alma-Ata E. Kirik beautifully designed the production. Music was written by Honored Art Workers of the Kazakh SSR N. Tlendiev, L. Hamidi, D. Botbaev and Minsk composer L. Moller.
In Saratov, the first director and artistic director of the Kazakh circus team, Kanat Bekmurzaevich Saudabayev, who did a lot to establish the circus, to raise his prestige in the public eye, also worked. At present, the State Secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, R.K.

The program involved acrobats, equilibrists, gymnasts, riders – dzhigits clowns, etc. The artistic staff included: Karymsak Akishev, Kaldyk Begenov, Abay Smagulov, Eleonora Rakhimbayeva, Marat Azhgulov, Jurabek Utepbaev, Kazbek Korzhumbaev, Evgenia Soldatenkova, Yury Revyakin, Altai Alzhanov, Vitaly Revyakin, Valikhan Chalabaev, Saniya Dzhunusova, Omirbek Isabekov, Tynybek Tanin, Svetlana Samushchenko (Galieva), Roza Eskenova, Natalia Katsuba, Kulyash Kystaubeva, Sairan Tuleupa, Ryskany Djumagazieva … Ballet group: Nazymkul Shoinzhanvoa, Zhumagul Ibraimova, Raikhan Aryzbayeva, Galiya Sayakova, Saragul Halykova, Zheniskul Turganbekova . These girls have passed a wonderful school of skill at the outstanding Kazakh dancer, People’s Artist of the Kazakh SSR Shary Zhienkulova. A group of dzhigits led by Georgy Tokayev. This group included: Ernazar Chinibekov, Omarhan Jamanakov, Orazali Dospaev, Kadyrkhan Bulibekov, Galiya Baikenova, Kurmankul Saktaganova, Igor Kasaev.

So, the premiere of the Kazakh circus was a great event in the life of the Kazakh people.

In Alma-Ata, the construction of the circus building was over, the director of which was K.B. Saudabayev.
The leadership of the republic, headed by DA. Kunaev May 6, 1972. visited the building of the circus under construction. Dimash Akhmetovich Kunayev, accompanied by B. Ashimov – the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic, A. Askarov – the first secretary of the Almaty Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan and other leaders of the republic got acquainted with the circus building. Leaving the circus, D.A. Kunayev thanked the builders for the good gift to Alma-Ata and the people of Kazakhstan and expressed the wish that on June 10, the solemn opening of the circus by a new program of Kazakh artists would be held to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Dzhambul.
June 9, 1972 the building of the circus (architects VZ Katsev, IV Slonov) was put into operation.

June 10, 1972 official opening of the Alma-Ata Circus. A beautiful building with 2160 seats, reminiscent of the Kazakh yurt and having all the necessary conditions for training, rehearsals and performances of artists, the spectators themselves, adorned the city.

The program is “Earth of MIRACLES”
In 1976, the program “Land of Miracles” was created. High professionalism of artists, bright national expression, spectacular synthesis of ballet, stage and circus made the program “Land of Wonders” one of the best in the Soviet Union.
Its director was a famous circus director, People’s Artist of the USSR Vilen Vasilievich Golovko. The authors of the script are O. Levitsky, V.V. Golovko, Olzhas Suleimenov. The art director is the laureate of the State Prize of the Kazakh SSR, Honored Artist of the Republic Vladimir Semizorov. “The Land of Wonders” showed a markedly increased skill of the artists of the Kazakh circus, thanks to which we entered the elite of the Soviet circus. Following the results of the All-Union competition devoted to the 60th anniversary of the Great October Revolution, the Kazakh circus collective with this program took first place among the national circus collectives of all union republics.
About half a million rubles were allocated for the production at that time. Thanks to these facilities, artists were sewn magnificent costumes, purchased animals, and ordered a new props. In this, of course, great merit of the first artistic director and the first director of the Kazakh circus, Kanat Bekmurzaevich Saudabayev.

The program “Land of Miracles”, accompanied by the magnificent poems of Olzhas Suleimenov, songs performed by Nagima Escalieva, music performed by her own vocal-instrument